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About us



Dr. med. Jelena Mrdjen

Founder and owner of “My Home Of Beauty”


Beauty has always been the centre of my life.
Already as a medical student I was interested in aesthetics and cosmetics, so that during this time I worked part-time in a cosmetic studio - which I enjoyed very much. After completing my residency in anaesthesiology, I worked in Serbia, trained at the Balgrist University Hospital in Zurich, and then worked as a senior anaesthesiologist in Swiss hospitals (Lachen, Glarus, Schwyz). After 25 years as an anaesthesiologist, I decided to open my own beauty centre. Further training in medical aesthetics and anti-aging followed. The methods are a combination of non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments, with which I, as a well-trained physician, achieve the best results for my clients. I am a mother of one son.





Dr. med. Manuel Albert, FMH Anaesthesiology

FMH Anaesthesiology
Medical Director of "My Home Of Beauty".


For 40 years I worked as an anaesthesiologist, both in the operating room, in the intensive care unit and also in the ambulance service. I also gained experience with Rega: for a total of 1 ½ years with the fixed-wing aircraft and in between with Heli Linth as a Rega doctor. The Hippocratic oath is very important to me, so my central focus is always the well-being of the patient. I am the father of two daughters.





Dr. med. Hubert Oberhofer, FMH General Internal Medicine

Specialist in General Internal Medicine FMH
Course leader for minimally invasive aesthetic medicine of "My Home Of Beauty"


Dr. med. Oberhofer has wide experience in minimally invasive aesthetic medicine, which he gladly shares with other physicians as our course instructor. He teaches the courses "Botulinum toxin" and "Hyaluron filler" with us, but only sees patients in his own practice in the Zurich area and does not offer consultations in our practice.


1999–2005 Studies of Human Medicine at the University of Zurich | Doctorate
2006 Doctorate
2012 Specialist title FMH General Internal Medicine
2006–2015 Further training as a resident in German- and French-speaking Switzerland, in general medicine, emergency medicine, psychiatry, dermatology and aesthetic medicine
2015–current Aesthetic medicine at Swiss Care Clinic in London;
Collaboration in the practice of Benedikt Loser, MD, in Zurich;
Collaboration in the medical emergency service of the canton of Zurich