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Botox is the aesthetic wrinkle killer and an effective remedy for migraines and excessive sweating. For the treatment of wrinkles, Botox is particularly well suited, as deeper wrinkles can also be reached.



Botox provides new freshness; your natural facial expression remains! Deep wrinkles grow out of fine, charming lines? This does not have to be. Say goodbye to frown lines, forehead wrinkles and eye wrinkles with joy with the long-lasting tightening of Botox. Botox has a relaxing, firming effect and conjures up a smooth complexion. Without a scalpel or scars, Botox also smoothes deeper wrinkles. The clearly visible effect sets in after three to seven days and lasts four to eight months.


Excessive sweating:

Those affected know only too well how mean excessive sweating can be. Plate-sized sweat patches under the arms or unpleasantly damp hands severely disrupt any smart appearance. Botox is at your side "drying" and corrects the excessive, so that you can concentrate more carefree on your projects.



Botox can significantly decimate headache days. Breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy a new zest for life! The anti-wrinkle agent is injected where your headache usually hits hardest. What used to be a welcome side effect after Botox treatment has now been proven in several studies.


Botox injections:
  • Relax and thus help
  • The frequency of migraine attacks and alleviate their course.
  • Moderate their course.

Injections work for about six months. Reduce medication use and enjoy more pain-free days.




Botox treatment face
Frown lines: CHF 250.–
Forehead wrinkles: CHF 350.–
Forehead wrinkles with frown lines: CHF 400.–
Eye wrinkles: CHF 400.–
Upper face: CHF 750.–
Neck: from CHF 500.–


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Migraine treatment
from CHF 500.–


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A potential consultation costs CHF 100 and will be credited if a treatment is carried out.



Local anaesthesia



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