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Aesthetics for the male intimate zone

With injections of filler it is possible to increase the sensitivity of the glans penis so that touch is experienced more intensely. At the same time, the shape is slightly accentuated, but the visible difference remains small, unless one decides to inject larger amounts of filler. Paradoxically, however, the treatment delays ejaculation, so the therapy also provides a benefit in cases of ejaculatio praecox (premature ejaculation). This filler injection is sometimes also called "mushroom".


First, a local anesthesia with a lidocaine-containing cream is performed for 20 minutes. This anesthesia is completely sufficient for the subsequent injection! The treatment itself lasts 10 minutes. A reasonable amount of filler should be used, which is aesthetically pleasing as well as functionally suitable, usually 2 ml. After the injection, sexual intercourse should be avoided for one week. Filler is broken down by the body's own enzymes and lasts for 9 to 15 months.


The risks of the treatment include mainly bruising and sensitivity to touch for a few days. Rare but serious complications include unintentional injection of the filler material into the corpus cavernosum. These are complex vascular structures that need to be supplied with blood. Filler injection into the corpus cavernosum impedes perfusion, which, depending on the amount of filler, can lead to major damage. Therefore, the injection should only be performed by a trained physician.


The cost is calculated individually according to the amount of filler needed, but usually 2x1 ml is sufficient. Please keep in mind that the hyaluron is broken down by the body's own enzyme hyaluronidase after about a year, so that a new treatment is necessary to maintain the effect.






Mushroom treatment
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